Thursday, October 28, 2010

My Favorite Biome

It today's class we discussed the different types of biomes. I found it interesting that the climates and biomes are strongly related to the way the air shifts. The book defines the term "biome" as the following:

"A broad, regional type of ecosystem characterized by distinctive climate and soil conditions and a distinctive kind of biological community adapted to those conditions."

Having had the opportunity to travel to Europe the last two Summers, I really enjoyed the climate of the southern region of Spain. In class, I learned that the name for this climate is the "mediterranean woodlands and scrub" region. The weather in Spain was AMAZING. I lived there for two months and fell in love with the way the days were hot, nights were cool & it was sunny all the time. Here are some pictures from my trip. 

(for you Dr. Rood) haha 

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